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Beer Mergers Limited is an independent, specialist corporate advisory firm, a "boutique" operation focusing specifically on sales and acquisitions in the small business sector.

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"We tailor the exercise to suit individual requirements"

Acquisitions are not simply the converse of business disposals. Our experience is that in the private sector it is extremely difficult to find a target business which fulfils all the acquirers requirements, at precisely the right time, at the right price, and then to approach, negotiate and conclude an acceptable deal in the required timeframe.

An acquisition will normally arise as a strategic objective through a planned expansion. There may already be possible target businesses, or a search for a new target may be required. We will work closely with the acquirer to address the key issues, tailoring the exercise to suit individual circumstances and requirements. Our exercise comprises four main stages:

Stage 1 – Strategic Advice

Several key issues arise before the exercise begins.

  • We will review the acquirer’s objectives, to provide an independent assessment
  • We will advise on current market conditions, the industry sector, and financial climate
  • We wilI construct an individual exercise, planning timing, strategy and practicalities

Stage 2 – The Acquisition Search

To identify, and find the right business.

  • Even if there are specific targets, we will undertake detailed research, to provide a full overview of the market
  • We will use our extensive contact network to identify target businesses that may not be available elsewhere
  • If specific target businesses have already been identified, we will research these in depth, to provide an initial assessment
  • We will compile a short list of potential acquisition targets, and plan appropriate action

Stage 3 – The Negotiation Process

To approach targets, open discussions, and progress successful negotiations.

  • We will make an initial confidential approach to selected target businesses, and collate responses
  • We will fully evaluate each successful target, including trading and financial information, and potential value
  • We will construct a “short-list” of preferred target companies, with whom we will commence detailed negotiations, to achieve the best possible terms
  • We will produce Heads of Agreement, and coordinate the completion process

Stage 4 – Post Acquisition Management

To ensure the acquisition is successful.

  • We will work with our clients following completion, on an individual basis, to advise on, and ensure that, all post acquisition issues are properly identified and implemented.
Welcome to Beer Mergers
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