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Beer Mergers Limited is an independent, specialist corporate advisory firm, a "boutique" operation focusing specifically on sales and acquisitions in the small business sector.

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"A hands on consultancy service from start to completion"

As an advisory firm our sale exercise offers much more than just a brokering service. We provide a hands-on consultancy service from start to completion of a deal. We handle all practical aspects, leaving management free to continue to run the business. We undertake far more extensive marketing than advertising can accomplish, and once a buyer has been found, the negotiating process is undertaken to realise the maximum value of your business.

Stage 1 – Preparation
Time spent at this stage through proper “grooming” will be amply repaid through an efficient sale exercise and maximum possible price acheivement. We will:

  • Review sale objectives, strategy, and plan the sale exercise
  • Fully review the business, industry sector and markets
  • Prepare all sale documentation including information memorandum.

Stage 2 – Marketing
The aim is to reach the maximum number of potential buyers, from as wide a marketing as possible, whilst maintaining maximum confidentiality and control over the exercise. We will:

  • Research the market, prepare a target list, and schedule of approaches
  • Undertake comprehensive marketing, collate replies, forwarding Sale Memorandum as appropriate
  • Arrange inital meetings with interested parties and compile a “short list” of potential purchasers

Stage 3 – Negotiations and Completion
The key objective is to achieve a controlled auction of competing buyers, thus enhancing the sale price and terms. Once the preferred buyer has been chosen and outline terms agreed, the completion process must be coordinated to a successful conclusion. We will:

  • Conduct all negotiations and obtain initial offers, identify preferred buyer, agree terms to “Heads of Agreement”
  • Liaise with other professional advisors until completion

One key issue is assessing the value of a business. Our approach is not to market a business at a pre-set price, which can often become a “ceiling for downward negotiation”. Rather, having agreed a target price with the owner, we market the business inviting competing offers, allowing the market to determine the appropriate value, leading to the best possible price at the time of sale.

Welcome to Beer Mergers
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