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Executive Emotional Training


Taking a quick break from our latter series of key topics, we’re taking a quick look at other business issues, in this case, emotional training for business owners.

It’s tough running a small business, there are increasing stresses and strains. So this blog deals with a subject often ignored or indeed swept under the carpet. It’s just a few simple thoughts on how to better deal with all those stresses and strains of business life.

  1. Extinguish negative thoughts: It’s easy to get into a habit of negative thoughts, especially about small things. If this happens, interrupt with a positive thought, for example “it won’t last that long”.
  2. Set and complete small goals: When large tasks seem daunting, break them down into small chunks, which are easier to manage and which completing produces essentially a feel good factor, leading to more. 
  3. Try to feel more positive than you actually do: Business is hard and there are always difficulties, and this can lead to self doubt. Think positively if only about small things, again this helps a positive train of thought.
  4. Teach yourself to say “no”: Avoid pursuing unobtainable goals of perfection, which leads to negativity. Develop the confidence to say “no” and focus on achievable goals. 
  5. Resolve inner conflict: “The white nose of inner conflict is the enemy of peace”. Inner conflict often arises from untrue perceptions, say about the business, or your leadership. Think clinically about why you actually think that, often it’s based on some past issue.  When you understand that, you can resolve it.
  6. Understand your limitations: Often emotions are learned behaviour, and can simply become bad habits. Try to determine why you feel like you do about something, and then you can feel and express more positive feelings.
  7. Ask how others see you:  There is often a clear and incorrect difference between our self image and how others see us.  Seek trusted opinions about how others really do see you, this is often a better person than the one we often look through.
  8. Physically connect: In an increasingly virtual world we become necessarily disconnected.  Old fashioned physical gestures, from eye contact, to hugging tap into our actual innate need to connect.  Do more interaction, it’s very likely to be welcomed.
  9. Be kind: Last and by no means least, an old truism but one often forgotten in the increasingly hectic world we live in – small voluntary acts of kindness bring as much happiness as they give to others.  They help us rise up out of the murky depths of everyday life.

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