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Customers are the lifeblood of any business and should always have prime attention. Sounds obvious doesn’t it but it’s amazing how often this isn’t the case, and how easy it is to allow customer focus to slip. Here are ten “commandments” that have been proven to be important both in attracting and retaining customers.

1. First Impressions
Like it or not first impressions are absolutely vital. At a first meeting you probably have about a minute to make a good impression, so plan and prepare well.

2.Talk Normally
No jargon. No waffle. Just facts and straight talking. Listen and smile!

3. Pitch Reality
Don’t believe your own hype. Don’t pitch a fantasy. Pitch reality.

4. Always Deliver
If you say something, do it. Never promise anything you can’t deliver. Always deliver quality, reliability and consistency.

5. Keep in Touch
Always keep in touch with customers on a regular basis. Don’t let them feel neglected or forgotten and never make them have to chase you for anything.

6. Challenge your Assumptions
Constantly challenge your normal views, don’t fall into a rut. In particular, always see the other guy’s point of view.

7. Selling is Key
Everybody sells, in some way, whether officially a salesman or not. Make sure everyone knows what your key sales issues are.

8. Negotiate Well
Selling and negotiation are different. “Selling” is buying in principle. “Negotiation” is the detail. Sell first, then negotiate.

9. Price
Make price the smallest issue by showing measurable and tangible value.

10. Problems
It’s not the problems that are your problem; its how you deal with them. Acknowledge your failures. Be humble. Take the long view.

Remember customers always have a choice, so when you’ve got them, don’t take them for granted!

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