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Website Marketing for SME’s


Not so long ago viewed as simply a necessary evil, websites and website marketing are increasingly important, particularly in the SME market. Despite this, it’s quite surprising how many small business websites are incomplete, “under construction”, or permanently out-of-date.

Not only are websites very often the first thing that a potential client sees about your business, but increasingly potential customers are viewing websites on a range of devices which they can also use to contact you with. As a small business you need to make this easy for them. Here are some tips.

• Visitors to your site will come as a result of a web search, sometimes in response to marketing you have undertaken or to find out more about your business prior to contacting or meeting you.

• Your website therefore needs to be read easily no matter what device potential customers may be using. More people are now viewing websites on mobile devices than on desktop computers.

• A responsive website adapts the screen size, format, navigation and in some cases content, to suit the size of device for each visitor it brings in.

• Google recently announced that “mobile friendliness” will have a clear impact on their search results, so that if your website does not cater for mobile visitors, this will affect your search rankings.

• Bear in mind that over 90% of Google traffic is generated from websites listed on page 1 of Google searches. Looking to page 2 means website traffic drops very significantly.

• What this means is that if visitors cannot navigate easily to the page they want on your website, they are likely to click straight off and onto another website potentially of a competitor.

• Having adapted your content accordingly, and made your website as responsive as possible to all devices, this maximises the potential for customers to contact you easily. A simple piece of code can enable visitors to “click to call” your business.

Whilst the above points are pretty basic and in themselves not particularly complex, as with all such specialist activity, this is best carried out by a specialist firm to ensure that you get it right, the cost of which will pay dividends in the long run.

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