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Social Media for Business


In 2019 social media continues to be a growing part of any businesses marketing. More and more people are joining social media sites, and your business should take advantage of this.

The aim of social media is to encourage engagement from the right audience and for them to interact with your brand to turn this into increased revenue.

Each platform will have a different use and a different audience. It is important to analyse what would work best for the type of business you have, before just doing it!

It is also important to tie in social media with your business aims and an objective so that it has a clear goal. You can do this through quantifying results and measuring through analytics tools etc.

Listed below are just five social media platforms and some suggestions for basic tactics for your business:

1. Facebook – probably the best known of all social media sites, albeit originally principally aimed at personal use for family and friends.
• Create a separate Facebook page for your business (away from your social activity).
• Encourage current clients/customers to “like” your page.
• Ensure you tag other businesses and clients when talking about them, working in collaboration promotes their business.
• Ask customers/clients to “comment” or “like” at the end of a post.
• A good way to grab someone’s attention is a picture or a video, so add one in your next newsfeed.
• Advertise to increase the reach and therefore the audience size.

2. Twitter – with over 500 million Tweets being sent each day, hundreds of millions of people are exploring links, articles, retweets and trends.
• Twitter is a great marketing tool. Follow your customers and get them to follow you.
• Add hashtags (#) before key words so anyone who does a search for that hashtag may find your Tweet.
• Frequent activity, such as tweeting and re-tweeting will help grow your audience, but remember to be concise with the messages you are putting across.
• Don’t forget to add a photo, people respond more to images.
• If you are sharing information make sure it contains quality information and only post if it’s useful, funny or inspirational.
• Always tweet politely and positively, negative tweets don’t get good press.

3. LinkedIn – is a professional rather than a social network and most used networking tool for professionals (both employers and potential employees) and businesses.
• ¬So who should you connect with? Fifty is minimum number of contacts required for a successful LinkedIn profile. Make sure you do your research before connecting.
• To bring vivacity to your business page, make sure you include the company’s logo and a cover image.
• Share engaging news and post daily company updates, this has been proven the most effective way to start a conversation and engage directly with your target audience.
• It is a good platform for both individuals and businesses alike to market themselves and expand their network.

4. Instagram – from major brands to local, family-run shops, businesses around the world are driving proven results with Instagram.
• Instagram is currently the fastest growing media platform at the moment so this is where businesses are putting their marketing efforts.
• Instagram can heighten your business in depictions. Like Twitter, using hashtags is a great way to help other users find your content on Instagram.
• If launching a new service or product, generate interest by displaying new images.
• Businesses have the option to advertise on Instagram so be creative!
• Be consistent with your Instagram posts and respond to user’s comments.

5. Pinterest – Pinterest is a pictorial social media platform that’s like a digital scrapbook combined with an online wish list.
• Make sure you know what is trending on Pinterest this can help you decide what content to pin, if it is relevant and relates to your business it would be a good time to find and share the same content that can relate back to your business.
• The more you can relate trending topics back to your brand; you can make your business more discoverable on Pinterest.
• Don’t forget to add the “Pin It” button to your Website.

Clearly, there are more social network platforms and not all social networks will suit every business but with so many being used now on a global basis by millions and millions, it is really essential these days that companies embrace the technology in some form or another to promote their businesses.

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