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Social Media For Business


The whole spectrum of Social Media has become increasingly important for businesses over recent years, principally as a means for businesses to connect directly with their customers and indeed a wider audience.

So what are the main social media platforms available for businesses?

Facebook - probably the best known of all social media sites, albeit originally principally aimed at personal use for family and friends. However, increasingly businesses are starting up a dedicated Facebook page with a business profile designed as another marketing tool and a means of connecting with people.

Twitter – has also become well established with the number of active users having surpassed Facebook. The micro blog-like posts (tweets) enable users to announce current information on any topic of interest and businesses are increasingly using Twitter as another communication and marketing channel to direct traffic to their websites.

Tumblr – is a dedicated blogging site which is aimed primarily for private individuals but is increasingly being used by corporate entities to disseminate information.

Pinterest - is a personalised media platform which acts a kind of pinboard for posting media such as images and videos. Businesses are able to use it to create a ‘virtual storefront’ in order to promote their brand, boost site traffic and sales.

LinkedIn - is a professional rather than a social network enabling people to post their details and skills with a view to connecting with other contacts and industry. It is a good platform for both individuals and businesses alike to market themselves and expand their network.

Google+ – has grown to become the second largest social platform globally, with approaching 400m users. A key feature is that users can share with smaller groups, one of which can be a business group. Features include the ability to allow videos and mobile chat.

Clearly, not all social networks will suit every business but with so many being used now on a global basis by millions and millions, it is really essential these days that companies embrace the technology in some form or another to promote their businesses.

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